17 April 2011

Quick Picture Post : My another 'not important' pictures

Hello back everyone :)) So how your mid report result ? By the way I already told you I'm sick in chemical. Hahaha. So today post is about my another 'not important' photos. Just check this out.

This Novi as my model, the girl who really talented one. Yolen help me to take this pic and I become the one who said like " Novi turn to the left, Novi ! Don't laugh ! Novi turn to the right " Sounds like I'm a babysitter #sick. The background was cool enough. RERUNTUHAN SEKOLAH TERCINTA G.

I make this in my room. Stucked. With my everlasting love in December :)

Ini mah di Cipondo.

Yeah. I love this 2 photos below. REALLY GOOD CANDID PICTURES. YEAH. IT'S CANDID. I just put some quote to the pictures and edited it to make it more interesting.

I took this when I was went home by bus in my school trip

This is my lil'sist ! Yeah ! Took it @Puncak

Super Duper LOVE this picture. Guess who's the models ? ME AND MY BIG BROTHER. Whahahahhaha.

I made this to the people who don't believe in they dream. I am a dreamer. I'm on my way to my dream.
 And for 'you' who don't believe in your own dream

Okay everyone :)
Enjoy your Sunday ! Can't wait to the next 2 post !
" you may say I'm a dreamer,but I'm not the only one..I hope someday you join us, In the worls we live as a one.."


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