09 April 2011

Hangout with GT : Episode Lost in GI : Part 2

Welcome back readers ! How your school day ? Mine sucks. Hahaha.Kidding ! But, so many TEST after MID TEST whick make me depress. Anyway, have you already read the part one ? Click here if you want. So after we finished our lunch in Magnum Cafe. We discuss what we want to do next. Ichann,Vicky and Ahong want to watch movies " Prada to Nada" according Mega,my friend was at the ticket movies corner. Jadi sekalian gitu maksutnya beli tiketnya. Entah magic apa yg dikeluarkan mereka sehingga kita semua mau nonton juga. Kecuali Stephen. wkwkwkwkkw. Sampe akhirnya kita jadi kayak saweran buat duit nonton Stephen di Magnum Cafe. Alhasil, Stephen merasa malu karena keganasan dan kegilaan teman-temannya dan akhirnya memutuskan untuk nonton juga. wkwkwkw. MISSION SUCCESFULL ! So we still have like 20 minutes before we watch the movies, So we went to Gramedia, my favorite place to find inspiration ! BOOKS ALL IN! By the way, after had lunch at Magnum Cafe. G ngerasa kayak orang paling gaul sedunia gara-gara udah ke magnum cafe. Mwhahahaha
I really exciting with the services ! So,Erinn just asking where "Chrystal Garden was? and " Cacing dan kotorannya was ?" and so surprisingly there are 3 keepers immediately seek for it ! Really great service ! Oh ya, did you know what is Chrystal Garden ? Here it is ! There are fire element wish,air,water and many more. Cute ! But it's so expensive.. Huhuhu.. And I really want to buy Evermore..Wuaaaa

The boys was sat at the corner, read some comic books like sinchan, avatar the legend of aang and many more. Boys never dies. After that we went to the cinema lobby !!

The tickets !

Smile while waiting so long

What Erinn bought. Really have a good cover ! and good title too

Gramedia plastic bags quote. Mirip quote Tolak Angin ye?
 Hahaha. Well, there some mistakes when we (the girls) want to go to the toilet (as always). when we went inside it. the inside was so  DARK! toilet with no lights !! Oh my..it's so creepy. and after 5 minutes finally we got scared and runaway from there SEKENCENG-KENCENGNYA. and finally realized theres a word hanging infront of the toilet " the toilet is broken " what the---- After that, we went to the REAL toilet ang shot some photos (like always girls do. Maybe this why the girls was so long in the toilet)

 Inside the cinema. Cute lamps. Purple !

After went to the cinema, we decided to got some DINNER at Yoshinoya !

Oriental things was there !


Olives salad. In some ways, it looks iuuuuuu -_______-

And we did some crazy thing like " LET'S DESTROY THE SALAD " LOL. Seems I'm going to sick when look at it.But it was so fun when we made it together. Hahahha.


Super Duper Creative !

Yoi da. Keluarga bahagia

Soo this the last part (finally >< cape upload)
I never had some reunion after that time. Really bussy ! Really miss y'all GT ! ><
Have a great APRIL everyone !

Goodbye everyone :'(
Time to do my assigment. Huaaa..CAN'T HELP.
See you all at my next post..
GBU all



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