01 April 2011

Hangout with GT : Episode Lost in GI : Part 1

Hi everybody ! Friday already..So,now I want to share you about my hangout story last Tuesday ago. So we really want to went to MAGMUM CAFE at Grand Indonesia. Yeah, who doesn't like MAGNUM ?

Unfortunately, Teresa can't go with us because she had some physics practice exam at her school so yeah :(  First, we went to Erinn house and waited for Ahong to come because he had school day while we're not..Hahahaha. So we read Raditya Dika books. And took photo with it.... Hahahaha. Need 3 takes ! Anyway, Erinn sempet kirain harga 1 magnum tuh Rp 55 rb. Terus dia bilang " Hah? Harga satu magnum 55 rb ? Mati aja lu semua ! " LOL. MISS UNDERSTANDING

We waited for 1 hour #capedeh. After Ahong came, we decided to go there by Transjakarta Bus. Remembered I felt last 4 months. I have a little bit afraid. And we still have to went to the bus stop by bajaj. So the persons who hangout with me are : Erinn, Olive, Ichann, Vicky, Ahong, Stephen. While we waited at the bus stop, we make that place become so noisy...Oh my..We're like some laughing gangster

After 3 stops. Finally we're arrived at GRAND INDONESIA

After that we went to "Damn ! I love Indonesia" store. Really have nationalism things. But I can't took the photos. It's forbidden. And Ichann bought the Blouse!! Cool one. Now we want to went to the Main Reason why we go here : MAGNUM CAFE ! In the journey, we met Oki Lukman. Really tall with her highhells. And shop anything with her assistant. After that, we found someone who really looked like my old friend in JHS, Ramdhani. But Ahong said the person looked like Bobby. LOL

Back to the old times :')

Okay,we're LOST. We went to ACE store and finally we're realized we're lost cause at the end we just found the parking area. The ACE shopkepper was so confused looked us like lost our parents. Hahahaha

It's time to went to East Mall guys

Finally...We did.Found it. Hahahahaha. The waiters wear some Kingdoms Costums

The queue. Want to die after saw its long

Vintage attack !

(still can)Posed while was waiting in the queue line.

Finally in !

Magnum Cafe Menu Book

Love this quote,after all..the nerd glasses changed everything

I like to fork my self

 Another pose with the menu books

Love the swirls.

Stephen still confused which one he wanted to

Ahong prepared for some shots.

After 20 seconds

Olive in act. Never bored with her !

 Even we pose with the tissue ! #sillysillysilly

Stephens #themostcompleteone
got :
2 Magnum
1 big waffle
Some slices of Strawberries
Some almonds
Cold Chocolate sauce
Better to eat the waffle quicky before it will not crunchy anymore

 Me and Ichanns
got :
2 Slice of brownies
1 Magnum
Fresh Cream
Chocolate sauce

Olive and Erinns
The strawberry sauce make the taste soo nice 
Got :
2 Magnum
Chocolate sauce on the top
Strawberry sauce (very delicious)
Fresh Cream

Got :
2 Magnum
Fresh Cream
1 cup of espresso
Cold Chocolate sauce on the top and bottom
( Super Duper Delicious)

How to eat Vickys ice cream ? Pour the espresso in the ice cream. That's all. Never drink the espresso. So bitter. Make sure you don't drink it only.

Got :
2 Magnum
1 banana (in 2 slices)
chocolate sauce
fresh cream
1 eggroll

He really loves the eggroll. Not the bananas. He gave it all to Olive.

Cute Candid Pic.

 I prefer the middle one !

Vickys Chocolate and Vanilla sauce. Yummy !

Olive,really enjoyed her ice cream

Quick alert ! MAGNUM CAFE at Grand Indonesia just until this May ! So better to come here before it wasn't there anymore !

Star Sticks

Heart the interior design !

Next,we paid for the bill with RECEHAN. Then Olive said to the waiter, " Maaf ya kalo recehan.." terus waiternya jawab balik, " Gapapa kok kita memang lagi butuh recehan" Dodol banget dah. Wkwkwkw. Ow ya..Magnum cafe also sale some souvenirs like blouse. And I met Grace ! My school friend Grace with Sella. They wanted to taste this cafe too. Okay. Next post I will tell you about the PART 2 we did at Grand Indonesia. Don't miss it guys <3

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GBU all :)



  1. great pics! looks so delicious :9 what do u use to edit pics, btw?

  2. Thanks ! Now,I'm using Photoshop
    But sometimes I use picnik if I want instant click