30 April 2011

Another Random Things

Readers, I don't have an inspiration to write this week. Bad. All the test just a nightmare and I need some things to make me feel like usual. I need FREETIME. I think it's better..much more better if I don't have 7 days free school. Because after that beautiful holiday. My school day was decorated with all crazy test. And Next Monday I will face chemical test. GOD. High school really hard. And many thing is changes right now. We're all going to changes. And I don't really want to change for now. I love my friends. I love Me. My self so much.  Ok. Enough for my 'sadness' story. HAHAHA. I post my you know my tumblr. icon. HAHA. Made by my self. How do you think about it ?

I love the shadows.

I make this yesterday and I want to it become my new header. Is it okay enough ? I'm tryin' to make the new better one now. Haaaaahh~~~

SUPER DUPER LIKE THIS PHOTOS. Made by me. Xixixixixi.

I will post again. I don't know when.
But I will.
GBU all readers


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