20 March 2011

Happy Thursday (Part 1)

Hello again readers ! (finally...) I didn't really remember why I can't post anything this week. I even can remember what I did. So I got some of my mid test score. After all the score is good. Hahaha. Specially for math. Mwhahahahhaha. CAN U BELIEVE ? I PASS IT ! Horaay ! But not for my Chemical. SICK. I don't pass it. 
Yaaah. I think it's fair enough. Just 3 peoples in my class who pass chemical test. That Super Clever Person is Rosinta,Daiien and Dio. I'm very suprised Dio pass it. Remembered Dio always laugh with Randy all of the lesson. He really good in this. Dio laughed at the lesson earn = 80 (score). I laugh at the lesson = 50 . Big diffrence. By the way, still remembered Dio ? Here's the pic :
See ? Even for the hard lesson : Biology. He still can laugh overload kyak orang overdosis. Wkwkwkw. ENVY. Ok soo,, we (Rosinta,Me,Monic and Yolenta) wanted to release stress from mid prolonged and exhausting test. We decided to ate at KFC. From my school to KFC just need a walk . But Monic hate it. DON'T WANT TO WALK. She said. And She decided to go there by Taxi. Dasar orang kaya. While in the Taxi, we laugh a lot. Mirip Dio. Then,we got shocked. Supirnya pake kawat gigi ! Kocak de. Monic sampe berandai-andai tu supir orang kaya yang ingin mejajal bagaimana hidup miskin dengan pekerjaan sebagai supir. Beh. Itumah seklaian aja jadi sinetron.Wkwkwkwkw. When we arrived, we need to queue because the queue was very long. Wajar si. Pas kita dateng tuh pas banget sama jam makan siang orang kantoran. Dan kebetulan hari itu juga banyak banget yang libur.

Here they are. Our food. I really waited for my spagetty. Yummy one :))

The spagetty is sooooo yummyyy. Just Rp.5000,- saja. So I decided to buy it 2 ! #monster. The cream soup is very cheap too. Rp 5.000,- . Wow. I didn't drink soda again. I have maag. Can't imagine if I have stomache at there. Screaming like Tarzan ways. By the way. I heart the cream soup. Just wondering they will add some corn to the soup but not chaanging the price. #wonderingeverafter

 Make sure you already eat something before you drink soda. It can hurt your stomach.

So this Yolenta face after she got bad score.

Twins girl bought some Ice cream while waiting their Father bought their lunch. Cute !

Adore their simple chic interior :))

After finishied our lunch, we went to bought some DvDs. Then we went home. After this, in Part 2. You'll see my reunion with GT. Yeeeyy :)) That's why I said this is my Happy Thursday <3
See you at my next post . Don't forget to donate some of yours to Japan. 
#prayforjapan #prayfortheworld


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