04 March 2011


Hello readers !!
I'm so happy today because Me and My Friends ( Monic,Yolen,Sinta and Noviee) have performed our song. Oh yea. So our teacher gave music mid test to write and sing our own song. And yah-- We made it. Really. But I can't post it. To much plagiat over here and there.
Now I will bring you to my Bizzy (read : Busy) Biology day. Yeah.
It's so bizzy day. My eyes : Sick. It's really make you're eyes tired when you have to found something sooooo smalll tiny minny just with one eye. And will get depressed if you can't find it. Yeah. That's Biologi.
Before we go inside the lab. We  watch our new school building while we waiting for the teacher. I really hope it can finish as soon as it can. I can't wait for the new school. There's a lift and moving class. Yeah. Bite me.

After like 5 minutes later , Mr.Rus (asiikk da pake Mr ) our biology teacher came in an ask us to picked our own mikroskop at the rack.  I got the old one -_____-  And Dio got the new one. THE NEW ONE WITH LAMP INSIDE IT. aaaa----envy with him. After that we started searching spora and many things which really have tiny miny bitty sizee. Mwhahahaha. Kill me. P.s : I adore Dio laugh voice. Sounds he really enjoyed his 'hahahahahahaha'

 I found it (finally)

 That things whick like Durian is very difficult to search for me. I have to press it out.

 Flower pic !

 Taking picture for our paper assign. seems sooo serious.

And I still can't believe they can laugh remembered this lesson is very difficult. Oww--maybe they become crazy because can't found the 'tiny-minny-bitty' things. Hahahaha. Just kidding guys. 

Noviee searching spora to take it to miksroskop. Still loading----

 Randy and Dio. Crazy bestfriend who always laugh overload and talking during the lessons.

 Flower pic ! (again)


 I went home by bajaj. Hahahahaha. CHEAP. 

And got SPICY DELICIOUS RAMEN for lunch. Lucky me ! But after that I got stomache because it's very spicy and I didn't share it to anyone. Don't be like me

Love Strawberriessss?

Lil' sis new glasses. Nerdy one.

 My math homework.
Hahahaha. I really love this picture. Spongebob. Never get bored with him and Bikini Bottom. I always watch it in the evening, Hahahaha. Such a good refreshing after very tired and bizzy-bizzy school day. Do you guys like him ? He always make me laugh. After that I watched OVJ. Hahahaha. And got sleep.

Thats all my post and, I'll get mid test for a week.
Maybe I will post again in Monday ?
Never know.
See you all guys !


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