27 March 2011

Quick Picture Post : 9 ways to love people

Try to do it in your real life !
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25 March 2011

Happy Thursday (Part 2)

Haihai---Long time no post. Hahaha. After the short holiday end. I'm died. Haahahaha. But never mind. I got more stories to shared to you all. I have hangout with GT 3 or 4 days ago. Maybe I will post it next week. Hahahaha. It's so unforgetable story. Ok,back to the topic ! It's the second part of my HAPPY THURSDAY. So, like always,we had gathering at Teres house. It's evening already :)) 


Here I am, Standing infront of Teres house, WAITED (I hate that words) for the others. P.s : We didn't get inside Teres house before all of us already come.Hahahaha..silly gank. We waited about 30 minutes. STOOD THERE LIKE AN IDIOT. Mwhaahahaha I finally realized that each time we spent time in here. The environment around here become so croud. We're sorry for all the crowd we made :(

Ichann caught in act !

Vicky tried to broke Stephens to drive out his bored feeling.

Finally,the last person...Olive came..Hahahaha..I almost die here #lebaii

Say hello to Vicky !

Hhahah..My fav. photos. Look at Vickys face ! Oh my..such a horror. I shot it and got shocked. So the others too. Vicky really shocked his face looks like a ghost. What's wrong with you dude?

Someone please buy some frozen yogurt for me?hehe

After a short chat,we go to ko siang ho #am I write the name right? to bought some Ice cream. Fyi, ko siang ho is the most perfect place for student to buy school stuff. There's also Ice Cream,Lamp,sticker and many more. It so near from my school. It's in front of my school! And remembered Teres house is so near from Ko Siang ho, we never get tired to go this far. So crunch and yummy..Hmmm.. Now I want to eat ice cream.

After that we went to Alfamart to bought Sprite and Noodles #Indomie of course... We got some discount. Yeii ! Lucky ! Big promo down there ! and I got funny text down here. What the hell is "pencet-pencet asik" ? Sedangkan dibawah tulisan itu cuma ada kaleng yang keras yang sama sekali tidak bisa di "pencet-pencet asik"

Bongkar lemari es Tere..Xixxixixi..Ada es krim kacang ijo ! Want some?


Toast !

Olive prepared for the noodles..Hahaha

Never get bored with this

Another long chitchat. Honestly we played some games and the loser have to make some silly videos. And Ichann is that lucky person. But I can't post it here. Sorrry..I just realized its to big ,21 MB and 15 MB. Not include the BLOOPERS scene and BEHIND THE SCENE. Maybe sometimes, when I didn't in this SO TIRED condition, I will post it for you all . Pray for me ! hwhwhw

I slap Vicky. Hahahahaha. Sala sendiri ngatain g pendek. Huuh

That's all I want to share.
Thanks a lot to stay tune here.
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20 March 2011

Friendship Never Ends

Bienvenue sur mon blog! #France #used google translate
Now I want to share some photos from another surprise party we have made for my friends. 
So,we begin from Teresa :
At Teresa birthday it was rainy. An we really afraid all plan we have planed before got mess-up. So first we want to Tere get shocked with the FAKE cake. This pics is the FAKE cake we want to gave to her.
So the plan was. Olive came to Teres House alone with that FAKE cake. So Teresa might think that we forgot her bithday party while we prepared the REAL one. And it works. Tere really thought Olive came alone. Then Tere let Olive to get in her house to took a chat. THEN : AWKWARD MOMENT :
After that we go inside like a spy. Then we see a girl siluet we thought Tere. We sang "Happy Bday" loudly and that girl turn around and WTF ? It's her sister and said " Tere is in the 2nd floor" atau in Bahasa "Terenay diatas" Mampus gilaa. Tere langsung turun terus bilang ke Olive " L bawa pasukan apa live?" Mwhahahahahha. Anjrit malu banget, Stephen didn't attend this moment because have some school events by the way.

Kue termewah tang pernah kita pada beli buat temen

Love this Pic !

 Stephen's Surprise Party Cake :: ( Tere and Tepen just 3 day diffrence)
We didn't have a money yet to buy cake for Stephen. Hiksss. So we made it ourself. I'm sorry Stephen. We really are. I promise to make better one this year for you. 

Love this pic

 Adore Stephen laugh !

Me and my brother in my silly photoshoot ::

My Fave :

Find more story about GT :

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