15 February 2011


Grauuu readers !!
Sorry for the bad opening remember the situation is still Valentine
Happy Valentine everyone,
Hope you have a great V-day !
Ok,back to the topic.

Why I use this topic?
Because there's someone (boy)in my class who very like to mock someone. Yeah. Moke. I hate that word. Emm,Ok. Let we say the moker is A. Just for your info : I think every girls in my class like 3/4 hate him. Why ? He always moke us like he don't think our feels. Okay if he did that to boys. Boys always moke for kidding,rite ? But for girls ? Remember this : When you moke girls and you hurt they feelings. Believe me. THEY NEVER FORGET IT.even if you say sorry. She will keep it forever. I'm not overacting. It's true. Back to the story. When A moke one girl in my class everyday (almost. very F*ck,rite?) And the girl started angry but she still warn A. But A still moke her do many silly things who make me want to kill him. And for now, I'm not friends of him anymore. I don't want to be friend with someone who never think about his friends feelings. Sorry A, you just like a **t**. I'm sorry for say that. But I hate you. He always moke girls with negative words. And I'm very really proud of my friend. Let say her with M. M always get moked by A. But SHE ALWAYS SMILE OR LAUGH. See? How very kinds M ? If I'm her. You know, I can slap him. Yeah. I'm a wonderwomen now. I'm serious. Sorry once again for this post. I use so many negative words but I'm so emotional. The diffrence between A and another boys. Another boys in my class always moke girls. But JUST FOR KIDDING.And they don't use negative words like A. So girls can forget it soon. And everyone know it just for kidding. But not for A. A always moke girls langsung 'to-the-jelb'. G si sangaaat berharap suatu saat si A ledekin g ampe g marah banget abis itu g tampar. Waduuhh. Itu wishlist terbaru g tuh sekarang. Haahh-- And I hope A read this. I don't care if he get angry. I write what the right. I don't lie. And Just for my advice for all the boys readers : Never moke girls. please. respect them like you love your self. When you hurt girls. They never forget it even they forgive you. Just that. This short post is dedicated to A. Hello A. Watch you mouth before someone slap it. I really hope you can be a better person not an annoying moker .  Hahahahahah. PUAS G !
And there some really nice quote, girls check this out :

I really love this quote :*
Big Thanks for Ardilla, who create this quote for all the girls.
Ok,girls you are beauitful. Each of you. Remember that. NEVER LET BOYS GET YOU DOWN.

See y'all readers at my next post about my experience ' a lot of happiness with them part 2 '
And I'm sorry for all the boys. I just hate A. Not all boys.
Good bye



  1. love this post so much! wish we can slap him tomorrow! nyahahaha !!

  2. ok,let's do it to that b**** !
    Girls have they own rules !

  3. ahh... wonder he did something to us.. I'll make his mouth can't talk again if he broke my libera CD cover. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  4. hmm...wondering who A ur talking bout?
    my comment..hmmm
    "practice is not always the same as the theory"