28 January 2011

Such a bitter Experience !

Hello there,
meet again with me,clestacille
ok,this week post is about my bitter experience in my inauguration day.. Just like you know in my long time ago post.hahaha. Saturday,15 January 2011 is my inauguration day yang berarti hari terpenting g dalam menjadi anggota KIR yang sejati.HAHAHA.
We started our inauguration day wih some advice from our alumni. They teach us to be strong, tough , and independent person. It begun from 07.00 AM-12.30 AM in my school class. Then we went to MONAS *Monumen Jakarta by Bus Transjakarta. Here my BITTER experience and all of you must know about it ::
We went to the bus stop and bought some tickets for us. Then when the bus is already come and the bus door is opened then I walked to the Bus and ....
What a---- I fall-felt-fallen !! Hooray. For God there is a big space between the bus and the bus stop. Let me tell y'all with picture.

What a shame. G bener"nyemplung ke dalam space tersebut. And I swear I don't know there's a big space at there. When I fall , I don't shout or said "HELP". I just stay quite*I'm shock man. Pretend that everything is okay but it isn't. Amel help me to get into the bus. Everybody*termasuk ibu-ibu,bapak-bapak,anak-anak. Ngeliatin g smua, shock dan bilang ke anak-anaknya "makanya jangan kayak begitu". and everybody said or maybe shout to me : "ARE YOU OKAY?"10 times. I'm the most IDIOT girl that day,man. And I got some wound around my left-right hand and stomach.It hurts. Just like when you hand punch in your stomach and hands. It need 4 days to heal with it.
And what I'm gonna tell you ?
NEVER----NEVER----lose a sight when you are in crowd place. And always watch where you walk. It's really important. I think i'm lucky enough because the bus don't crush me like a flat biscuit.
I'm shock*I'm sick if i'm not.
and need some rest.
good bye until my next post.

XOXO with shock,


  1. Sumpah ini sih gue bilang lo tolol beneran! HAHAHAHA mantap!!!

  2. wkwkwkwkwk
    cacat itu,
    masi sakit ampe skrg
    tq tq