15 January 2011


Hi ! Just like what I said wrote yesterday. I will upload photos what I love at Old City. I use photoscape for the edited photos. Photos no edited ? Boring one I think. Just give some colours to th epictre and there you are :))
Here we go everybody ::
Why I heart this photos ? Dunno ; Just feel historistical *what is that? LOL

Why ? It's about OLD CITY not Monas. Hahahaha--no lah ; I love the angle

Why ? Ahong said it's good but I don't see that GOOD thing around the picture. It's a Dusbin dude-- Yah tapi bolelaya... I' happy to receive some comments from the others for me. Even its bad one.
Models : Teresa and Stephen
Wkowkowko--I just love both of them. Ada chemistrynya gitu. Even their just friends.

Models : Junjay ; Teresa ; Erinn ; Stephen
Why? I love the colors do badly. Seems creepy. But I like it.

Models : Stephen
Why ? COOL ! Yeah. we need 10 retakes before we got this. Oh my---Tapi ga sia-sia la

Models : Lilies and Karmen
Why? Seems so peacefull . I don't know why but when I see this photos (always) make me feel peacefully

Models : Sanny and Ahong
Why ? Their my fav. models. Both of them don't need my intruction to got some good pose. They can make the pose and I shot it. Don't need many energy to put them in great pose of photos.

Models : Ahong and Ichann
Why ? I love the angels hahaha and so very brightly and of course the shadow. One again : Blacka nd White never go wrong. It's always stay cool and quite !

Models : Mega , Lilies , Oky
Why ? They laugh ; happy so honestly. No lies. I don't command them to pose like that. They play a bicycle race and laugh together and I just shot it. Hahahahaha. Besides, I reaa\lly ove Oky laughes*Girl on th right one.

Models : Sanny
Why ? I pretty damn so badly love this picture. Sanny really did a great job !!

Models : Tere and Stephen
Why ? Means you must choose Just one road. They are too small so y'all can see it. and,, I cut the resolutions too. Oh my

Models : Ramdhani , Johan , Junjay , Olivia , Teresa , Erinn
Why ? Kayak di luar negri !! Hahahaha

Models : Stephen
Why ? I love the windows !!

Models : Ahong and Sanny
Why ? I love them both==, I love the shadows,people,aaa--

Why ? I love old city skies righr that time. Hahaha cloudy gmna gtu.

Models : Ichann
Why ? I loveee--she good to in pose and shot pictures. Salah satu temen yang sering g banggain ke sekolah baru g. Hahaha.

Models : Ahong
Why ? Tampang pasrahnya itulo. Beneran. Kita cuma punya 3.000 buat pulang. Hahahaha

There's no end of the road. Hahaha. Actually the board make big diffrent to this photos.

My FAVORITE one :))
thispictures become my fav.header .hahahaha

Here some photos from ICHANN CHRISTINE :))

 Ichann with her silly pose :p

Say hello to Sanny and Ahong !!

Y'all don't need some explainations why I love this rite?


  1. You have so many best friends.
    I envy

  2. Hahaha
    Thanks a lot :D
    I also like your trip to Singapore