02 January 2011

Man I heart during this holiday.

I'm so freaking like a dumb in home, no activities,like---dreaming all the time. I sleep-wake up-eat-bath-eat-online-sleep-and wake up again. BORING ! The worst thing ever is I can't sleep well (always) during holiday. I'm kinda be like an insomnian ! I sleep like about 3 AM. Woke up : 8 AM . WONDERFUL LIFE.
I just want to go to school ; do some intresting activities ; meet some friends of mine ; chat ; just do something live. But holiday it's okay. But I think I just need 1,5 week of holiday. 2 weeks are worst. I can't think.Hahahaha..
So..It's Sunday already..go to chruch..then I went home do NOTHING. I make a lunch. CRAB soup. Love it. Then I took a nap while. then, yaaahh--sleep again. then I watched Iron Man 2. And I think Tony Starks kinda a handsome man. LOL. Even he's too mature for me. But, I like him.

Emang,akhir"ni g suka ntn film perang ga jelas, dan mungkin g bakal jadi Iron Girl. Cewe yang suka nyetrika baju. hahahaha
Then finally, I got my soulmate again. (just at Saturday & Sunday) That BEST thing during ths holiday is I watched...
glee..i mean is..

Best thing about glee : WILL.

I heart Will soo much. Hahaha. Seriously, my boyfriend type is just like Will. When he divorced with his wife.I'm kinda jump around my room like a crazy people. Yeah,Will. You make my day ! He relly have a nice voice. In Fact : I don't really like boys with Tenor or Bass type voice. It's creepy for me, I like Sopran Boys*yea..it's you Will. And I like or Love every song he sing in Glee. Specially : Don't stand so close to me. Hihihihi. Im just getting a little nuts around here when I think about Will*maybe i should call Doctor. Mwhahaha--- And I believe you guys love GLEE too. If ur not. Im sorry..there must be something wrong with you. Kidding all :P
so, I really need some activities except thingking about Will of course. Its unhealthy. Maybe I will so some sketch. Or scan it. Or chat with someone. I don't know.
I'm even don't understand what I write now.

Okay guys, next post will be my feel about my new school and old school :p
see u there


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