28 December 2011

SKETCH-UP MY MIND : Wishing Good 2012

Hellow :) I forget to say (read : write) MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone ! Ahahah now I'm gonna show you my last sketch for this year. Just accept it as my closing post for 2011.

Hahahaha how is it ? My sketch. It's a hell lie if I said I don't touch-up the tone. 
So this is my last post for 2011
2011 such a beautiful year for me. It's so many unforgetable moments :')
See you at 2012

Still alive, still breathe


27 December 2011

Having Lunch at Dermaga One

So, 2 days ago, my family and I went to Dermaga One to had lunch. Well, actually Dermaga One is at Ancol. 

I love the view here.

The place is so warm and windy. So windy.

I told my sis and bro to pose for me. hehe

Eat time :9

Fav shot !

at the toilet mirror

Will back with my another sketch