30 December 2010

My wish in 2011

  1. Be more kind to everyone *yeah..it's a must
  2. Be more DILIGENT and fix my school score..specially mafia
  3. NO MORE NEGATIVE THINKING *I must do this, because more positive thingking will bring you into success :)
  4. Collect all my money
  5. Don't buy books too much *according to no.4 ; more books = no money
  6. Get some weight lose ! Okay..My target is make sure about..6 kg to go ><
  7. Kecilin suara gue. Soalnya ganggu banget *gak penting abis
  8. Be more CATHOLIC
  9. Be more dicpline when I'm in chruch yeah..silent what i mean.
  10. Get some cool activities like JAMBORE ! (camping) It's tired and spend soo much time but it works to LOSE SOME WEIGHT *no.6 and get new experience and new friends.
  11. No more scared to talk to new people *it's useless , why you stay quite when you can speak,rite??
  12. Lose my childish habit. hahaha. but sometimes I still want to be like kids. It's fun.
  13. Be more HONEST. It's important. Don't make a lie.
  14. Just be your (in this case : ME) SELF ! And let people judge you !
  15. Be a good friend to everyone.
hahaha..just 15 wishes. Actually,I got some more than it. But it can be a long wish list so let it be 15 !
I really hope I can do this in 2011. Be a better person is he most important .
There's no means if you just stay like now and theres no changes all the time. Give your Life a big suprises. And get more Advantures.


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