29 December 2010

Great pictures from Cipondoh

Hello there,
Now I post my pictures at Cipondoh,Indonesia
Not sooo awesome but I think its great for a simple place like Cipondoh.
Here we go,
I'm really lucky,
Why ?
Because I seldom see a really good sunset view of Cipondoh. And when I saw this. I said. " Oh my..I must steal someone's camera to capture this ! " and my victim from this moment is : My MOMs camera. Horaiii--!
Anyway, place in all this pictures is located @ Cipondoh Restaurant or in Indonesian is Rumah Makan Cipondoh. We can call it lesehan. Why ?? Because we sit on the floor not on chair. And the foods and drinks were very Indonesian. Like ketoprak , gado-gado , sayur asem and all favorite food : Ayam Goreng.

 Black and White never go wrong...

 in this photos (above). We can do some activities like fishing or just take a walk or talking out there.
 Say hello to my brother, Christian.
Ok,this is my Fav. photo from all of. It's cool...i think..Even I don't believe i took this photos*lebai bgt dee. Hahahaha---ok, at 31 December 2010 I want to go to KAWAH PUTIH . Yeiiii !! *lebai lagi dee .I'm really excited about this. Because almost everyone said "you can take a beautiful photos at Kawah Putih, even with an ordinary handphones camera. So? What is like ? I don't know lets see it !

O y

Hope we'll be a better person and always live in HOPE !

"Life is simple,be 100%"


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