31 December 2010

Old City : City who never getting OLD (part 1)

Hello everyone :)
Now I wanna tell you about my adventure to OLD CITY *Horaaiiii :)
Last year, I don't really remember what month...emm..maybe May
After I finished all my BEAUTIFUL UN (ujian nasional) like Final Exam, me and all of my friends (XC class) went to OLD CITY. I remember,it's an adorable Friday. We went to Old City at 8.30 AM. We went there by bajaj *always listening always understanding our money. Before we wen there, we got a little panic because one of my friend, Ahong, baru mandi atau belum mandi ? g ga tau de yang mana udah gitu dy dateng ke tempat janjian. Tepatnya di Markas (rumah tere) dengan make baju bebas. Nah lo ! Kan janjiannya pake batik. Dy balik lagi de k rumahnya. Untung rumahnyacuma brapa meter dari rumah tere. After that little panic, kita tawar bajaj. Mantab! 12.000 ya kalo ga sala?asik. Udah nyampe, turun, JRENG !
Mati de gue. Kita kepagian. Karena sudah terlanjur sampai di tempat. Ya udah, mencar de smuanya berkeliling ga jelas di kota tua..wkwkkwkw
Here some photos I got there :)

Sepi banget kan ? Bahkan tukang sapunya masi tidur depan Fatahillah ! Mantab dah. Tapi ada untungnya jugalah ya pergi pagii-pagi. Gak rugi. We can shoot pictures and Nobody menghalangi our camera. Kan biasanya kalo rame banyak yang ngalangin.
 FATAHILLAH MUSEUM everyone :) Looks awesome from here
 Tong Sampah*penting banget seee
 Ni parah banget, dicorat-coret banyak sampah lagi. Para-para. Do Not TRY THIS AT ANYWHERE !
Ni temen g, si Vina. She's "crazy"for many things. Hahaha. Look at her photo. ckckck

                                       Overating banget dee Johan ma tepen. wkwkwkw
            Kayak power ranger lawan ultraman trus cewe"nya critanya korbannya gitu.wkwkw
 We're so small

ATTENTION : Christine(right)(who want to kiss Oki) please get NORMAL !
Hahaha..g juga suka gaya Della(left) You rock ! 
 Olivia's boyfriend, hahaha. lol.
Mirip sir.Purba*UPSS!
 Bole nyewa ni, lucu ada topinya. Sayang spedanya tinggi banget. My feet kan touch the ground when I sat it. Harganya seputar Rp.15.000/30 minutes. Enak kan? Dipenjemin topi lagi.

Tepen lucu banget siii.hwhwhw.
tapi g yang suruh sii--wkwkw

Lilies an Karmen. Suami istri bahagia sepanjang masa karena kegilaan mereka saat tertawa. lol

wew. Gue suka banget foto ini. They really looks enjoyed it. Like, No Liying in there. So peacefull, so honest, so True.

ATTENTION : Liat mukanya Della (girl who wear blue batik uniform). Ko mukanya gitu ya. Is she angry? Dunno. G aja baru sadar pas g upload. wkwkwkw. Jealous?Maybe...

Yap...abis itu kita pergi makan. Yeaahh----LUNCH time ! I know everybodygot so excited with Lunch time.Tapi g putus dulu yaa. Ntar ada di part 2.
Don't miss it Guys ! It still about my Adventure in Kota Tua*Old City. With sexy and yummy food..*loh kok mirip tagline Farah Quinn? wkwkwkw. C y !

Ow ya.


30 December 2010

My wish in 2011

  1. Be more kind to everyone *yeah..it's a must
  2. Be more DILIGENT and fix my school score..specially mafia
  3. NO MORE NEGATIVE THINKING *I must do this, because more positive thingking will bring you into success :)
  4. Collect all my money
  5. Don't buy books too much *according to no.4 ; more books = no money
  6. Get some weight lose ! Okay..My target is make sure about..6 kg to go ><
  7. Kecilin suara gue. Soalnya ganggu banget *gak penting abis
  8. Be more CATHOLIC
  9. Be more dicpline when I'm in chruch yeah..silent what i mean.
  10. Get some cool activities like JAMBORE ! (camping) It's tired and spend soo much time but it works to LOSE SOME WEIGHT *no.6 and get new experience and new friends.
  11. No more scared to talk to new people *it's useless , why you stay quite when you can speak,rite??
  12. Lose my childish habit. hahaha. but sometimes I still want to be like kids. It's fun.
  13. Be more HONEST. It's important. Don't make a lie.
  14. Just be your (in this case : ME) SELF ! And let people judge you !
  15. Be a good friend to everyone.
hahaha..just 15 wishes. Actually,I got some more than it. But it can be a long wish list so let it be 15 !
I really hope I can do this in 2011. Be a better person is he most important .
There's no means if you just stay like now and theres no changes all the time. Give your Life a big suprises. And get more Advantures.


29 December 2010

Great pictures from Cipondoh

Hello there,
Now I post my pictures at Cipondoh,Indonesia
Not sooo awesome but I think its great for a simple place like Cipondoh.
Here we go,
I'm really lucky,
Why ?
Because I seldom see a really good sunset view of Cipondoh. And when I saw this. I said. " Oh my..I must steal someone's camera to capture this ! " and my victim from this moment is : My MOMs camera. Horaiii--!
Anyway, place in all this pictures is located @ Cipondoh Restaurant or in Indonesian is Rumah Makan Cipondoh. We can call it lesehan. Why ?? Because we sit on the floor not on chair. And the foods and drinks were very Indonesian. Like ketoprak , gado-gado , sayur asem and all favorite food : Ayam Goreng.

 Black and White never go wrong...

 in this photos (above). We can do some activities like fishing or just take a walk or talking out there.
 Say hello to my brother, Christian.
Ok,this is my Fav. photo from all of. It's cool...i think..Even I don't believe i took this photos*lebai bgt dee. Hahahaha---ok, at 31 December 2010 I want to go to KAWAH PUTIH . Yeiiii !! *lebai lagi dee .I'm really excited about this. Because almost everyone said "you can take a beautiful photos at Kawah Putih, even with an ordinary handphones camera. So? What is like ? I don't know lets see it !

O y

Hope we'll be a better person and always live in HOPE !

"Life is simple,be 100%"



Hello readers :) Now I want to tell you about my trip to Tangkuban Perahu,Indonesia.
well, if you want to go to this place, you must start earlier(I mean VERY EARLIER) from home.
like, emm..start from 04.30 AM.*ouch. WHY?
because I believe y'all don't want to stuck in traffic jam.
so,start early :) I did it !
and believe me, starting my trip earlier it's better than usual. The air's more fresh. and u can see sunrise*perfect !
 this is some pictures when I got @there :) enjoy it
the sunrise :)

 Tangkuban Perahu..You rock my day !
 the cloud
 BE CAREFUL ! You can smell BELERANG in this place.

Black and White :)

 the Boiling Water, some people believe when you put your feet in there,
you'll feel healthier. I did. It's pretty hot and cool !
 the crowd
the sunset*without edit
and its so awesome, I like this so much 

em, it takes 4 hours from my place. So you can translate it : Tangkuban Perahu is VERY FAR
but it's okay. Remembering the place is very cool :)
But when you in tangkuban perahu, you must take about 17 km to see the boiling water.
I did. Very Far.Very Tired but very cool :))

finally its the end of my trip to Tangkuban Perahu.
See you later guys..


My first post from Blogspot

I can't believe it ! I make my own blogspot account after I said No to my friend for it.
But okay i got this. Let's Blogging !